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CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual Conference

Date: 2019-03-05
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CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual Conference

CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual Conference

Call for Papers


The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual Conference


Venue: Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences,

1-2 September 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

China’s Industrialization and the Expansion of Global Value Chains

Recent academic studies on China’s model of socioeconomic development indicate that China has gained significant competitive advantages in industrial production since it joined the WTO. Many well-established cases demonstrate that China’s strategies during its rapid industrialization process are consistent with an alternative framework of institutional analysis we have been developing. Among the different views, it appears that a certain degree of consensus is emerging with regard to China’s model of economic growth and social development. The cases examined by scholars stationed both in and outside China seem to have provided increasingly convincing evidence that China is best equipped for a leadership role in creating business and job opportunities for the young generation of the world in the digital age and the era of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, along with the US and a unified Europe. Taking advantages of the ever expanding global value chains, China is realizing its enormous potential as the new center for business and institutional innovation. It is predictable that the impact of its ongoing industrialization process on the world economic system will be profound.


The focus of the conference is therefore intended on the issues concerning alternative theories to the understanding of China’s industrialization process, useful lessons that might be learned from the Chinese experience, and the impact of China as an emerging industrial powerhouse on the world economy.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers will be invited to address the following tentative topics:

(1) Perspective on US China Economic Relation

Professor Joseph Stiglitz (TBC)

Columbia Business School, Columbia University


(2) The Changing Role of China in the World Economy

Professor Lawrence J. Lau

Ralph and Claire Landau Professor of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

( 3) Seven Decades of China’s Road to Modernization

Professor Angang Hu

School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University


(4) Global Value Chains and the Imbalance of Trade between China and US

Professor Yuqing Xing

Dean of the Research Institute of Global Value Chain, University of International Business and Economics, China / National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies of Japan


 (5) A Reversal of Fortune? The UK, China and the Fifth Industrial Revolution

Professor D’Maris Coffman

Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, University College of London

Recommended Plenary Sessions

(1)  Public lecture regarding business opportunities in China may be organized for participants from Swedish business communities.

(2)  Special Award to Chinese economists who made significant contributions to the study of China’s model of socioeconomic development during the 40 years of Reform and Opening up.

(3)  Best Paper Award, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (JCEBS).


Paper Submissions

Submissions of theoretical and empirical studies are welcome. Topics covered may include:

·  China’s Economic Reform and Changing Growth Patterns

·  Industrialization and China’s Economic Development

·  Urbanisation and Rural-Urban Migration

·  Rural Development and Land Reform

·  Labour Market Reform and Human Resource Management

·  Income Distribution, Healthcare and Social Welfare Reforms

·  Innovation, Technology and Development

·  China’s Fiscal and Tax Reforms

·  Monetary Policies and Financial Sector Development

·  Real Estate, Capital Market and Corporate Governance

·  Sustainable Development and the Natural Environment

·  Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and China’s Outward Investment

·  Globalisation, International Integration, and Belt and Road Initiative


Selected conference papers will be published in the Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies and an edited book. Further features of the conference include:


·  PhD colloquium: experienced supervisors will chair and comment on students’ papers

·  Prizes will be awarded for best papers submitted and presented by PhD students

·  Information Corner on job opportunities


You are invited to submit your paper by 30st of July 2019, through email to You will be informed within two weeks whether your paper can be accepted.

Yuning Gao

Conference Chair

President-Elect (2018/2019)

Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK)

Jinghai Zheng

Executive Director

Chinese Economic Association (Europe)

Liming Wang


Chinese Economic Association (Europe)


CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual Conference CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual ConferenceCEA2019_Program_Final.pdf


Background Information About CEA


CEA (Europe)

Chinese Economic Association (Europe), CEA (Europe) was launched on 17th of December, 2008 in Oslo. The new association was intended as a major expansion of activities by the CEA (UK) and was established as an independent academic organization in association with the CEA (UK). The main objective of the CEA (Europe) is to promote scholarly exchanges and encourage academic leadership associated with the Chinese economic and business studies in Europe. Since the establishment of the CEA (Europe), five annual conferences in association with the CEA (UK) have been held in various locations in Europe starting with its inaugural conference in 2009 in Dublin, Ireland.



The CEA (UK) was launched in 1988 and has since become one of the leading organisations in the UK promoting research on China. Its past annual conferences have attracted wide-ranging attention from academic institutions, government organisations, banks and industries, alongside with the media in the UK and China. Prominent speakers have included ministers from the Chinese and British governments, the Chinese ambassadors, and eminent academic figures of international repute including Nobel laureates in economics. Papers from these conferences have been published in leading economics and business journals, in edited books, and in the CEA (UK)’s official journal, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, with Taylor & Francis as the publisher. Since 2001, the CEA (UK) has run parallel annual conferences in the UK and in one of the key universities in China.

Conference Registration and Registration Fee


Conference fee is €170, but for PhD student the fee is €40 (including membership of CEA and four issues of the Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies). We accept registration until 15th August 2019. Chinese students studying in the UK and continental Europe are particularly encouraged to submit their papers and participate in the conference.


Registration fee could be paid by PayPal, after completing your payment with the secure link below, please fill out the registration form, so that we could send you an email to confirm your registration information and conference agenda in time.

  STEP 1:

  If you have not a PayPal account, please create an account first, the link as below.

 CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual Conference


  STEP 2:

  If you have a PayPal account, please log in and pay conference registration fee, the secure link as below.

 CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual Conference  Pay Registration Fee

  ** Please note that the registration fee is nonrefundable.


  STEP 3:

  Please fill out the registration form.

CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual Conference  Registration Form

Hotel Information


  The Conference Venue

  The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

  Visiting address: Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm

  Postal address: Box 5073, 102 42 Stockholm, Sweden

  Tel: +46 (0)8 791 2900


  Our recommended hotels are as follows:

CHINESE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (Europe/UK) | The 11th CEA (Europe) and 30th CEA (UK) Annual ConferenceHotel information (CEA 2019 Stockholm)

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