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China’s Rising and a Refurbished Global Order with Bipolar Coexistence.

Date: 2018-08-29
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鄢一龙 崔京

工作论文系列 工作论文系列 SPPM-2016-001-cn

2016年 11月

China’s Rising and a Refurbished Global Order with Bipolar Coexistence.

China’s Rising and a RefurbishedGlobal Order with Bipolar Coexistence.



Global structure does not become clearer due to restruction brought by theend of cold war, inducing heated and wide discussion. Introducing and expanding Marx’sconcept of “contact of extremes”, this article will elaborate on thenew development of global order. With comprehensive national strength enhancing continuously,China has now gradually become anactive global power. Meanwhile, theUnited States has been increasingly declining, but it is still the strongest global power, and other countries are hardly able to compete with neither China nor the United States. The current global order is duplicities with bothprogressiveness and unfairness.As the conservative yet revolutionary forces, China is onepole of global major powers, and also a bothopposing and consistent pole of theUnited States, thusfostering a refurbished global order characterized with two connected poles in global structure, in which both China and the United States, will compete, complementand cooperate with each other. China and the United States will jointly provide leadership together for global governance and break the prisoner's dilemma ofmultilateral mechanisms. Bipolar coexistence means the global order incrementally headtowards a fairer and more balanced direction. This is neither G2, nor theprevious cold war between the United States and the former Soviet Union, but a new international structure unprecedented in human history.



Contact of extremes, bipolar Coexistence,global order, international structure, global strategy

China’s Rising and a Refurbished Global Order with Bipolar Coexistence.中国兴起与“两极相联”的全球新秩序.pdf

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