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Yan Yilong: China economic tone "lane" to bring new opportunities for the world.

Date: 2015-12-22
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December 18 to 21, the annual Central Economic Work Conference held in Beijing. As the world's largest trading body, the second largest economy, China's economy will go to where the stability of Zhiyuan, the world attention.

How to position China in 2016? Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that 2016 is a comprehensive well-off society to complete the decisive stage of the beginning of the year, but also to promote the structural reform of the crucial year. In this regard, the Central Economic Work Conference made a major deployment to ensure that the "Thirteen Five" a good start, but also opened the curtain of structural reform.

2016 is China's "Thirteen Five" first year, but also through structural reforms to solve the deep-seated problems of development, boosting the Chinese economy, the important transition of the old and new years. During the "thirteen-five" period, China will maintain a growth rate of over 6.5%, while achieving the goal of improving the balance, inclusiveness and sustainability of development. This marks the need for China's economic trains from high-growth, low-quality lane to the high-growth, high-quality new lanes.

On the economic and social development in 2016, especially the task of structural reform, the Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that the strategy should adhere to steady progress, grasp the rhythm and intensity, tactics to seize the key points, mainly to do a good job to go to capacity, Inventory, to leverage, reduce costs, make up the five major short board task.

As in the inventory, China will speed up the urban population in accordance with the registered urbanization rate and deepen the reform of the housing system to speed up the needs of migrant workers, which will help digest the inventory, stabilize the real estate market.

The meeting also pointed out that understanding the new normal, to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal, is the current and future period of China's economic development logic. And lead the new normal economic development, we must strive to achieve a wide range of priorities, the meeting proposed 10 "pay more attention." Among them, the adjustment of industrial structure, the meeting pointed out that "to pay more attention to the addition and subtraction multiplication simultaneously. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, very image.

In the early period of the "thirth Five-Year Plan", China's economic development still faced with local overcapacity. The adjustment of industrial structure still needs to do a great deal of subtraction and division, and it needs to play a decisive role in resolving the overcapacity and improving the efficiency of resource allocation. At the same time, China's economy is also facing the problem of insufficient supply of effective, industrial structure is still a huge addition and multiplication space.

In addition, the external demand on economic growth has a catalytic role, in 2016, China will optimize the layout of the opening to the outside world, to promote foreign trade excellent and excellent, to strengthen international capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation for China's economic development to expand more space, Enhance the position of Chinese industry in the global value chain. China will also improve the use of foreign capital environment, and do a good job "along the way," the construction and implementation, play good investment banking, silk funds and other institutions to support the financing role, do a good job landing a major landmark project.

Green development improves ecological quality. China's economic development will be further green, will be more in accordance with the carrying capacity of resources and environment to promote regional development, the implementation of stricter environmental protection, and promote the formation of green production and consumption patterns.

"Long look should be the amount of scenery." After several years of structural adjustment, "13th Five-Year" China's economic development will enter the new lane. China will continue to maintain the role of the world's economic stabilizer and engine, while the world's trade and investment to provide new momentum for the world to make more green contributions. A medium-to-high-growth, yet more equitable, greener, more dynamic world innovation workshop will provide greater opportunities for global growth than a super-fast-growing world manufacturing facility.

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