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Cui Zhiyuan

Date: 2014-11-08
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Cui Zhiyuan

The Tsinghua University School of Public Administration professor, doctoral tutor. As the "comparative" magazine editorial board. He has published more than 90 Chinese and English papers, including the paradox of the invisible hand paradigm, the institutional innovation and the second emancipation of the mind, the political economy of China's reform, and the Sustainable Democracy. He received the Best Paper Award nomination from the American Political Science Association, the Provost College Development Fund of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other awards, and was selected into the "Hundred Talents Program" of Tsinghua University.

Works and Publications
  • IntroductionThis book receives the 2013 National Research Center of Tsinghua University key research report. The authors of the book are Tsinghua University Institute of national conditions or domestic related areas of well-known experts and scholars and research institutions; use of data and information from the public publications or the author's research results, does not involve any state secrets. We publish this series of books is intended to be more concerned about the national conditions, understanding of the world, the study of the party's readers and institutions to provide re...
    Publication time: 2016 - 10 - 24
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